Montessori Norge

Montessori Norge er en samlende medlemsorganisasjon for norske montessoriskoler, barnehager og andre interesserte. Per august 2021 er 88 montessoriskoler, 40 montessoribarnehager og 10 foreninger medlemmer i Montessori Norge. 32 av montessoriskolene har ungdomstrinn.

Vårt viktigste arbeid er å bidra til økt interesse for, og kunnskap om, montessoripedagogikk i Norge.



Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education

Improving Montessori teacher education programs through the process of accreditation.

MACTE is the international standard setting and accrediting body for Montessori educator preparation. MACTE has been recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education since 1995.

Montessori Europe

Inspired by Maria Montessori’s legacy, Montessori Europe connects Montessorians in Europe and beyond, to critically engage with Montessori values and practice in the service of the child.
We offer events and other opportunities to encourage networking and collaboration, promoting the exchange of ideas and mutual support, facilitating the preparation of today’s children for tomorrow’s world.


Our goal is to offer elderly and persons with dementia meaningful engagement activities and roles in their everyday lives.
We work with institutions and private persons to create supportive, interesting, and beautiful environments for people living with dementia.


Global Montessori Games transcends traditional boundaries, bringing together Montessori schools from across the globe in a spirit of unity, understanding, and friendship. Unlike conventional competitions, GMG emphasizes participation, cooperation, and personal growth over winning prizes. It’s a blend of sports, education, and cultural exchange, designed to foster peace, connection, and mutual respect among children of all ages.

Stuka Puka

Through our handmade puzzles we encourage kids to discover nature, biology or mathematical logic. We are inspired by Montessori method, Waldorf school and work of Gever Tulley and Richard Louv. We combine it and reconstruct for our own need. We want to be a real help for teachers and parents in kid developments and education. We think that learning through play is the best way to hit the minds of our customers.

Polana Montessori – Montessori Furniture & Toys

Montessori emphasizes the importance of creating an environment supporting the independence and development of the youngest children. Montessori furniture for children plays a key role in decorating a room, allowing children to explore and learn freely. 

Montessori toys are not only entertainment, but also tools that support children’s progress. Montessori-style play equipment is designed to suit a specific stage of childhood, encouraging creativity, problem-solving and developing fine motor skills.