Waterpark Montessori International (WMI) requires students to complete all coursework assignments and to attend all course sessions. Students are also required to take all course examinations and complete classroom practice programme.

WMI is an international college, and all modules content, information and guides on the website are given in English, with some information translated into Norwegian or other languages. Students must be proficient in English as stated in the entry criteria.

Students are expected to treat WMI property with care and to treat staff members and other students with respect and courtesy at all times.

Students are bound to treat passwords to WMI website as strictly confidential. By logging in to our student learning portal with a username and password, students accept these terms and conditions.

No awards are given for incomplete or partially completed courses.

Payment of a deposit or promise to pay a deposit for a programme creates a binding agreement to pay the full fee subject to withdrawal and refund conditions.

In the event of extenuating circumstances, cancellation may be considered at the discretion of WMI on condition that such a cancellation is made in writing, stating the particular circumstances. See below.

The course directors reserve the right to dismiss any student who is not satisfactorily complying with course conditions. In the event of dismissal, the deposit is non-refundable and fees are refundable on a pro-rata basis less an administrative charge.

Waterpark Montessori operates a full grievance procedure. See Quality Statement.

Confidentiality is guaranteed to all students on admission details, course work and evaluation. Students may have access to their own personal records upon request. WMI agrees to follow the personal data regulations of the European Union. WMI does not share student data with third parties.



The study time limit for a diploma programme is 3 years, with the possibility of an extension of one year (administration fee applies). A further extension of one year may be granted in exceptional circumstances, such as illness (administration fee applies).

A maximum of TWO extensions of one year each will be granted whatever the circumstances. Further extensions are only available as repeat modules (see below) for any modules which have not been completed. All modules as part of a diploma programme must be completed within a 5-year period or the candidate will need to re-apply and repeat the entire diploma programme.


The time limit for a practical, theory, or classroom practice module is two years. Time limits for Insight Online or special programmes will be posted with the details of that programme. Students may apply for extension of time on all non-diploma programmes. A maximum of one extension of one year will be granted in certain unusual circumstances such as illness. An administration fee applies.

Repeat of Modules

A module may need to be repeated if:

  1. The student has gone past limit for R and NS assignments

  2. The student has not completed within basic time plus allowed extensions

Repeat modules must be completed within two years from time of the R result for that module. In this case the student must receive S in ALL assignments.

When repeating a course of study, the module or diploma must be re-applied for and repeated in full, in the standard way with the standard fees for the module. For fee information visit .

1st module repeat fee = ½ of module fee.


Student profiles will be deactivated when

  • The enrolment period is finished

  • They have completed their study programme

  • Monthly payments or stage payments are more than 60 days in arrears

Students will receive a notification email when their profile has been deactivated.


Intention to withdraw from a study programme must be sent by email to or registrar@waterparkmontessori, with reason for the withdrawal.

There is no refund of fees for modules. It is permissible for a student to transfer the module to another student’s name or postpone the start date to a future period. Administrative fees apply. In the case of moving a module start date to a future period, any price increases implemented by WMI in the interim will apply. Modules that have been partially completed cannot be transferred, nor is there a refund for partially completed modules. Transfer of credit or modules is subject to a one-year time limit. Contact to discuss any special circumstances.

There is no refund of fees for special programmes or Insight Online programmes.

There is no refund of deposits paid on any programmes.

There is a fourteen day “change of mind” period, beginning on the date of issue of the invoice for fees. If the student has completed any portion of the study programme during this time, an applicable percentage will be deducted from the refunded fees or will be due for payment if the invoice has not yet been paid. The “change of mind” period does not extend beyond the due date of the invoice, at which point the contract is valid and fees are payable.

In all cases where there is no refund possible WMI is willing to negotiate credit for further study. Schools or preschools sponsoring students who wish to discontinue their study should contact 

In the case of diploma programmes being paid monthly or in stages, all fees up to 30 days after withdrawal notice is received are due. Deposit and fees paid to that date are not refundable.

Diploma fees paid in advance are given at a considerable reduction and it is a condition of accepting this reduction that the terms and conditions of withdrawal are accepted.

Refunds for advance pay diploma programmes will be given only at the end of the 5-year maximum enrolment period (3 years + 2 years maximum extension) if supporting medical evidence at that time confirms the student’s inability to complete the study programme. The refund for such students will be the fee paid less registration fee, administration fee, full module fee per single module more than 25% completed or half module fee for a module which has been started but less than 25% of the module has been completed.


Please note: We charge an administration fee of NOK 2.500 for every change requested to an enrolment e.g. change of student/change of payment schedule.


What data is collected / processed?

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Date of birth

  • Education and / or employment history

  • Police clearance confirmation (for working with children)

  • Name of school / employer

  • Email address

  • IP address

Why does WMI process data?

WMI needs to be able to collect data on customers and users in order to facilitate participation in training programmes, and to contact with them regarding further educational opportunities. IP addresses are monitored for the safety of WMI’s software and network. Data will not be used for any purpose other than stated and will not be sold or given to third parties. WMI will only collect any data that is necessary for the purpose intended.

Contact data for promotional purposes is stored on MailChimp and email contact lists are set up to allow contacts to unsubscribe automatically from or update preferences on mailing lists.

Personal data is stored on Flex Learn and is accessible to WMI employees who have administrative privileges. Some data may exist on the computers of WMI employees as necessary for their administrative and pedagogical roles. WMI requires a commitment from all employees that no data be kept longer than absolutely necessary and that all data pertaining to WMI customers will be deleted upon termination of work with WMI. Employees are bound by confidentiality and may not share data with anyone outside of WMI. The accuracy of the data will be monitored and updated by WMI periodically, however the student is responsible for updating their own contact information if changes occur.

Data will be kept on WMI servers and records indefinitely, unless a formal request for removal is made by the data owner. This is in line with best educational practices as it is the responsibility of WMI to maintain records of awards and course participation.

WMI undertakes to use the best possible protections to ensure the security of personal data. In the event of a data breach, WMI undertakes to follow the GDPR breach of data notification process. 

Last update January 2022