Meet the Team

Clare Walls Cole



Sarah Kennedy-Berge

College Director

Trainer 3-12 years

Fergus Healy

Finance and IT Director


Aleksandra Zarosa

College Coordinator

Trainer 3-9 years

Nicole Hermann

Practicum Coordinator

Trainer 6-9 years

Bríd Walls

Trainer 0-3 years


Vera Flynn

Trainer 0-18 years


Kajsa Olsson-Falk

Trainer for 3-12 years

Coordinator for WMI Sweden

Ronny Lyseggen

Trainer 6-12

Halvor Berge

Trainer 0-9 years

Astrid Schmidt

Trainer 0-6 years

Karen French

Trainer 12-18 years

Vaida Zebra

Trainer 6-9 years


Yumna Hoosain

Trainer for 6-9 years

Coordinator for WMI South Africa

Jyoti Senthil

Trainer 3-6 years


Claire Crimmins

Trainer for 6-9 years


Aruna Varsani

Coordinator for WMI Kenya

Trainer 3-6

Shreya Shah

Trainer 3-6 years


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