Workshop Webinar Bundle – Botany

Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €39.99.

A bundle of Materials that correspond to the theme of our Story of Plants webinar.


Story of Plants with Impressionistic Charts 19.99

Experiment cards 7.99

How seeds travel. 3.99

Plant parts we eat 3.99

Parts of a leaf 3.99

Parts of a root 3.99

Parts of a flower @3.99

Parts of a tree @3.99

Folding parts of a leaf@1.99

Folding parts of a flower @1.99

Germination of a bean 3.99

Leaf shapes – REAL 3.99

Leaf Shapes botany cabinet 5.99

Photosynthesis 3.99

Plant cell 4.99

Life Cycle of a pumpkin 3.99

*PDF format