1A Geometry SUPERBUNDLE!!!


Every material that we have available for Geometry is included in this bundle.  The bundle also includes a MANUAL on presenting the Geometric Cabinet, ranging from the first presentation up to more advanced presentations for older children.  We have included 2 original stories written by Sarah Kennedy-Berge that will inspire students to use the materials.  

Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature CARDS, Geometric Cabinet Control CHART, Geometric Cabinet BOOKLET, Solids CHART, Solids Definition CARDS, 2D Shapes sorting, 3D Shapes sorting, Constructive Triangles,  Graded Geometric Figure, Basic Geometric Concept CARDS,

Types of  CARDS including Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Lines, Angles.

Parts of Cards (including Lines, Angle, Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circle, a Solid

Relationship between 2 Circles and Relationship between 2 lines.

Magic Triangles with Activity cards, Tangram activity, Polyhedra Model Templates.


*PDF format

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