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big Questions

What do you WONDER about?

In a world brimming with curiosity, children are the greatest explorers. Their questions about life, the universe, and everything in between are not just queries—they’re keys to unlocking the vast potential within their young minds. “Big Questions” is your guide to nurturing this natural inquisitiveness, transforming the way you engage with a child’s profound inquiries.

'At the Heart of Montessori' Series

The At the Heart of Montessori series provides a thorough and easy-to-follow explanation of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and educational method for all ages from birth to adolescence.

These books will be of special interest to Montessori teachers or trainee teachers, acting as a support to, but not as a substitute for, Montessori teacher training. In addition parents, teachers and others who wish to find out about how children develop and how to help them as they grow, will find the books useful and interesting. The first two books (At the Heart of Montessori 1 and 2) should be read as a foundation as they apply to all age groups. Then choose the book that relates to the age of choice. 


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'Conscious Adult Conscious Child' Series

The author uses stories, self-awareness and reflection as tools to help adults to become more conscious of how they relate to children. The concepts are based in part on the work of Maria Montessori and Marion Woodman. The book may be used by a group for discussion and sharing of ideas, or by individuals for private reading and reflection.

It is sponsored by Waterpark Montessori International. This book is published using a variety of colours and is especially suitable for viewing on tablets or large phones. The book is a handbook based on the original book The Conscious Parent (see below).

Booklets 1-10


You can buy individual sections of Conscious Adult Conscious Child here. The booklets are available in 10 parts.

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Montessori in a Nutshell & Translations

The Montessori method of education is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) claimed she did not invent a method but instead learned to observe children and discover the true nature of human development and learning.

Montessori left us with not only a very effective method for educating children, but also a philosophy for life and peace in today’s world. Montessori in a Nutshell offers parents, educators and philosophers an opportunity to get a taste of both the method and philosophy in this easy-to-read short book. Read it in a day or keep it as a convenient reference. 
This book is currently available in 9 languages.
Polish nutshell
Spanish nutshell
Italian nutshell
Greek nutshell
Bulgarian nutshell

Conscious Parent

The Conscious Parent – Society is moving on from using violence to solve differences. Parents are moving on from using violence to discipline and educate their children. With consciousness, parents can equip themselves and their children for the new world. The Conscious Parent asks parents to examine and question the parenting techniques inherited from previous generations and to become conscious of the way in which they influence their children, and through their children, the world.
Old methods of parenting such as negative criticism, punishment and rewards are due to be discarded. Parenting in our time needs to be based on respect, contained freedom, clear guidance and, above all, parental consciousness.

Conscious Parent
Paperback & Kindle

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