Introduction to basic management and leadership theory, learning how to apply Montessori principles when managing a Montessori school.

Who is it for?

Montessori leaders who wish to apply Montessori principles to the management of a Montessori school, so that it can support better the general ethos of the Montessori philosophy and method of education.

This  study is self-directed and assignments are optional, however they will be useful in creating a portfolio of your learning.

Candidates should have a thorough understanding of Montessori theory, preferably have completed a Montessori qualification or at least have studied Montessori Pathways Theory or similar.

What is involved?

Study of five aspects of leadership: Montessori & Leadership; Leading with Inspiration; The Custodian of the Environment; An Environment for the Team; Montessori & Managing Change.

Each section gives general management theory and ideas for how these theories can be adapted to Montessori schools.

Reflection and observation are emphasised and learners are asked to reflect upon theory and devise new ways of managing that fit with the Montessori ethos.

Learners keep a reflective journal and manage two sessions to help staff and/or parents to make attitude changes to support understanding of Montessori theory.

Study 5 sections with self-assessments online.

Guidelines for 2 optional assignments to include in your portfolio


Entry Criteria: Thorough understanding of Montessori theory

Start date: Any time

Time limit: One year

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