In-depth Montessori theory, presentation and interactive workshops, and practicum relating to the adolescent. 

Choose to study 12-15 years or 12-18 years.

Learn how to apply Montessori principles in everyday life for adolescents and how to use and create age-appropriate Montessori activities.

This diploma includes a foundational 9-12 years practical materials workshop plus online study, to give learners an insight into using the core Montessori materials in order to adapt them to the needs of the adolescents. 

Adolescent Diploma Course Content

(All 4 modules required):

Montessori Materials Adapted for the Adolescent:

Onsite workshop*, totalling 7 days 

Online unit of study of 9-12 practical materials

Candidates may choose to study one of the following onsite and one online.

  1. Practical Module 9-12 A Materials – Practical Life 6+ years, Arithmetic, Geometry/Algebra, Music (Runs in uneven-numbered years (2023, 2025, 2027, etc.) 
  2. Practical Module 9-12 B Materials – Language, Biology/ Natural Science, Geography, History, The Arts (Runs in even-numbered years (2022, 2024, 2026, etc.) 

Assignments include the creation of Montessori albums and materials focussing on the adolescent






Adolescent Practical Module 12-15 years*:


One onsite presentation interactive workshop (7 days)

One onsite exam workshop (4 days)


Focus on applying Montessori principles and materials in practice with adolescents


Assignments include projects and creation of Montessori albums and materials


Runs in even-numbered years (2024, 2026, etc.) 


Before attending the first workshop of this Module, the following must have been completed: 

  1. Overview 9-12 years Practical Module
  2. Online study of Montessori principles related to adolescents, including completion of short self-assessments, or equivalent.
  3. WMI theory module for Adolescent or equivalent.

Note: Plus standard pre-requirements for all WMI practical modules – completion of the Introductory chapter, attendance at webinars, completion of study of pre-practical videos and online chapters.


Adolescent Practical Module 12-18 years: 

  • All four modules of 12-15 years are required. 
  • Some of the internship hours will need to be in a 15-18 years Montessori environment.  
  • An additional specialised 7-day onsite workshop is also required (Please enquire.)

Theory Module:


Core Montessori theory plus theory relating to adolescents


Fully online – see Calendar​ page for dates












Classroom Practice Module: 


1000 hours Montessori internship in your own area 


Online assignments and discussion groups 












*Annual workshops take place in Oslo, Norway but there are often workshops in other countries. Contact us for information on other workshop locations.
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This diploma programme is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) –

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