In-depth Montessori theory, practical materials, and practicum relating to the child 0-3 years. Learn how to apply Montessori principles in everyday life for infants and toddlers and how to use and create age appropriate Montessori materials. 

​0-3 Diploma Course Content

(All 4 modules are required for the Diploma Course)

Infant Toddler Practical Module A

Two onsite workshops*, totalling 4 + 4 days (Feb & Oct)


Online units of study pre-workshop


 Assignments include projects and creation of Montessori albums and materials


Runs in uneven-numbered years (2023, 2025, etc.)** 


Learn about activities for the older toddler, examine Montessori theories applied to pregnancy and birth, develop skills of observation and self-awareness, preparing you to work with children 0-3 years using a Montessori-based approach. 


Infant Toddler Practical Module B

Two onsite workshops*, totalling 7 + 4 days (Feb & Oct)


Online units of study pre-workshop


 Assignments include projects and creation of Montessori albums and materials


Runs in even-numbered years (2024, 2026, etc.)**


Learn about developmental activities, routines and life skills for the infant toddler, learn to prepare environments for the different stages of development and develop skills for relating to parents professionally and empathetically.


Theory Module

Core Montessori theory plus theory relating to children 0-6 years


Fully online – November to May in Oslo centre


Interactive online learning platform


Live chatrooms


Discussion rooms


Live webinars


Trainer support



Classroom Practice Module

400 hours Montessori internship in your own area 


Online assignments and discussion groups 














Important to note:

Please note: If studying for Practical Module B 0-3 years and you have not yet attended a Module A 0-3 materials workshop you will need to study the online Module A PREP content before studying Module B.

Please contact us for more information

* Onsite workshops are face to face at your chosen location – this will depend on what centres are offering diplomas for your chosen age group. There is a  materials workshop and an exam workshop for both practical modules.
**Annual workshops take place in Oslo, Norway but there are often workshops in other countries and may be in opposite years. Contact us for information on other workshop locations.
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This diploma programme is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) –

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