The full diploma programme is comprised of 4 modules:

  • Theory Module (online)
  • Practical Module A (online and on-site at one of our centres)
  • Practical Module B (online and on-site at one of our centres)
  • Classroom Practice Module (practicum in a Montessori setting – in the area where you live)

It is possible to study module-by-module, which means that you can apply and pay for one module at a time. At the end of each module an award letter is issued.

Only completion of 4 modules in total will give you a Montessori Diploma (internationally accredited Montessori credentials).

Diploma is equivalent to 80 ECTS

Theory module

The Online Theory Module

  • 625 study hours
  • 100% online
  • Core Theory:
  • A1 Montessori on Human Development
  • A2 The Montessori Philosophy
  • B1 Principles behind the Montessori Method
  • B2 Two Pillars of the Montessori Method
  • Theory 0-6 or 6-12 or 12-18:
  • C1 Montessori and Child Development
  • C2 Montessori in Action
  • Participation in two chats for all chapters (6 chats in total)
  • Participation in the discussion forum for all chapters
  • Required reading and self-assessments for all chapters
  • 1500-2500-word essay for three of six online chapters
  • Minimum of 90% attendance

The theory examination is conducted as a home exam when all online chapters and written assignments are successfully completed.

The Two Practical Modules

  • 500 study hours (for each module, 1000 study hours in total)
  • Each practical module includes 2 on-site workshops: 7 days materials workshop and 3 days exam workshop (+ 1 day Exam Day)
  • Three different subjects areas per module – practical presentations of the materials
  • The Montessori Educator 3-12 Years (A & B)
  • Mandatory on-site attendance for workshops
  • Creation of resource albums for each subject area
  • Written introductions for resource albums 
  • Self-made Montessori materials and activities
  • Minimum of 90% attendance

Practical examination conducted at one of our centres.

Classroom Practice Module

  • 520 study hours
  • The module consists of 400 classroom practice hours* ​+ 120 hours of self-study
  • The 400 practice hours consist of 120 supervised hours and 280 unsupervised hours spent in a Montessori environment for the age group you are studying.

*1000 hours required for the Adolescent course / 880 unsupervised hours

  • Block 1 Theme: The Prepared Environment
  • Block 2 Theme: Interaction in the Prepared Environment
  • Block 3 Theme: Dynamics between Adults & Children
  • Montessori Classroom Management
  • Participation in one chat for each block and Montessori Management chapter (4 chats in total)
  • Participation in the discussion forum for each block and Montessori Management chapter
  • Required reading and self-assessments for two chapters 
  • Logbook for each practicum block
  • Montessori Classroom Management written assignment
  • Minimum of 90% attendance (100% practicum hours required)

There is no examination for the practicum module, but all criteria for the module must be met.

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