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We have developed, through many years of experience, a complete support package for Montessori schools with our Montessori International Training, Montessori Classroom Software, Advisory Services, Montessori Training Materials, and Planning & Recording Software, created specifically by Montessori experts for the classroom.
We aim to make MACTE-accredited Modern Montessori training Online accessible all over the world by working with local Montessori schools in different locations.
Montessori’s practical component is central to successful training. Using blended learning Montessori Online techniques, we aim to make our programs as flexible and accessible as possible, without compromising the practical element. We also provide a Montessori Certificate after completion of the program. 
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Montessori Team

Global Influence


  • Montessori trainers from 13 countries

  • 4 partner centres around the world

  • Celebrating 30 years of training

  • Over 1000 graduates and counting!


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Waterpark Montessori books

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Books by Clare Healy Walls, Author and WMI Founder

Practical and informative Montessori and parenting books, written for families and Montessori educators.

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A wide range of printable materials for your Montessori classroom. 

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