How long does it take to complete a full diploma?

WMI Diplomas are intense study programmes of approximately 2.5 year span – equivalent of 1 year full time university study. They are much longer than our short online courses..

Is there a study limit?

The time limit for a practical, theory, or classroom practice module is 2 years.
The study time for the diploma programme is 3 years. 
Students may apply for an extension of study time after the time limit is up.  
An extension of 1 year will be granted on grounds of certain unusual circumstances such as illness. An administration fee applies. A maximum of two extensions of one year each will be granted whatever the circumstances. 
After this period (5 years in total for a diploma) a student must re-enrol and pay for any incomplete modules. All coursework and attendance (online and onsite) must also be repeated completely if more than 5 years have elapsed.

Do I get a certificate or a diploma afterwards? Is it internationally recognized?

WMI holds international accredited status for its 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 and 12-18 Diploma programmes from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)
Diploma is awarded after successful completion of all 4 modules. Additionally, after successful completion of each module, an award letter is issued. Upon request, we also issue certificates of attendance for our materials workshops.

Do students get grades?

WMI does not give grades for assignments and exams.
Uploaded assignments and those submitted at workshops will be assigned to a tutor and assessed based on the criteria listed in the assessment form. Results will be one of the following:
S (Satisfactory): Assignment meets all criteria. A category is satisfactory when a minimum of 60% is achieved.
R (Repeat): Assignment does not meet some or all of the criteria. You must submit a new and/or improved assignment based on the guidance given by the assessor in the returned assignment.
NS (Not Satisfactory): The assignment has been submitted three times without achieving an S result. In the event of an NS result, your tutor will consult with the Pedagogical Leader and the Examiner Board to plan a course of action to enable you to complete your studies.

Do I need to have any kind of educational background? Do I need to have pre-requirements to apply for this training?

Waterpark Montessori welcomes everyone to start their Montessori journey. General entry criteria: At least one year of third level education OR three years of relevant experience; a good standard of English – written and verbal; verification documents (CV and certificate of highest educational attainment); a certificate of police authorisation; sufficient computer literacy to use our online learning platform. For more information please see Entry Criteria under STUDY PROGRAMMES ( 

What is the language of the course?

Please note that WMI is an international college, and the main course language is English. However, since Oslo is our main centre, we also provide a lot of information in Norwegian. Students can communicate and submit their written work in Norwegian. We also accept submissions in Swedish, German, Italian, and Polish.

How much time will I need for my studies?

The average number of study hours throughout a module is approximately 10-20 hours per week. However, during our on-site workshops the hour requirement is approximately 8 hours per day.

Is it possible to complete a diploma without on-site attendance at practical workshops?

The diploma study is mostly online, but according to MACTE criteria we also require on-site attendance in one of our centres: Oslo, Norway (main centre, all age groups); Stockholm, Sweden (3-6 and 6-9 age group); Cape Town, South Africa (6-9 age group), and Nairobi, Kenya (3-6 age group, accreditation in progress). During the course of study there are 4 on-site workshops. Each practical module includes 2 on-site workshops: 7 days materials workshop and 3 days exam workshop (+ 1 day Exam Day).

How much does it cost? Can I pay in instalments?

The information about the fees can be found under STUDY PROGRAMMES (Fees It is possible to pay for one module at a time. We also propose monthly instalments as well as group discounts and Early Bird offers. Prices are shown in Norwegian Kroner NOK and in EURO for OTHER AREAS. Please use currency converter if necessary.

Are there any books I will need to have?

To find a list of compulsory and recommended reading for all modules and age groups see Reading List under STUDY PROGRAMMES (

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